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There are a few egg timers out there, but none of them are as accurate, enjoyable or as feature rich as Gourmet Egg Timer.

With Gourmet Egg Timer you get a perfect egg every time, whether you're at home, on your ski holiday or over in Denver at Aunty Selma's. Did you know that a standard "Three Minute Egg" takes over four minutes to cook in Denver? Gourmet Egg Timer does!

Gourmet Egg Timer is available on iTunes for only US$1.99


  • Multiple timers, so you and your family can cook your eggs to different consistencies at the same time.
  • Boil times are automatically corrected based on altitude, egg size and temperature.
  • Egg size charts included for the US, Europe and New Zealand.
  • Altitudes can be entered either manually or via GPS.
  • Gourmet Egg Timer can be closed at any time without resetting the timer, just re-open the app to see the current time.
  • An awesome fun user interface with an animated egg in boiling water. Rotate your device and watch to the water move and the egg bounce and roll to the bottom of the screen. Cool!

Gourmet Egg Timer Gourmet Egg Timer Gourmet Egg Timer

Many users have asked questions about boiling an egg and how to determine the exact time to tap "Done" in the app to start the timer. If you follow these steps, you should be able to get the perfect egg every time.
What sized pot should I use?
Use a pot that is just big enough to hold all of the eggs and make sure that all of the eggs are touching the bottom of the pot. Stacking eggs will cause the eggs at the top to take longer to cook.
How much water should I use?
Use just enough water to almost cover the eggs. This is the same water level used for the animated egg in the app. You can use more water if you like, but it won't make the eggs cook any faster.
Can I use boiling water?
The times calculated by Gourmet Egg Timer have been calibrated for eggs placed directly into cold or warm water. If the water is already boiling then the times given will be incorrect. Placing eggs directly into boiling water can also cause them to crack. If you want the water to come to the boil faster you can use the water from the hot tap.
When is the exact time to start the timer?
As the water heats up small steam bubbles form on the bottom of the pot and eventually rise to the surface. More bubbles form on the surface of the pot just below each egg and cause the eggs to lift up off the bottom of the pot. The perfect time to start the timer is when the eggs begin to bounce on the bottom of the pot. You should be able to hear them bouncing.


  "Brilliant" - Eggstatic (UK)
A very good and clever app. Always gives the perfect egg!
  "Mr" - Oneiroi (UK)
Perfect eggs everytime! The kids are loving it.
  "egg timer" - Pitorian (UK)
the best egg timer ever, i love eggs, every one likes them but how many off you can actually boil an egg?? i thought i could, but was wrong lol, this application is brilliant ,now you can boil an egg, buy it...

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