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Run Chart is for anyone wanting to keep track of their physical fitness by recording the run times of their favorite routes. If you are a casual jogger, runner, cyclist or multi-sport athlete interested in your physical progress Run Chart is the prefect app.

Run Chart is available on iTunes for only $4.99


  • Sleek and intuitive interface.
  • All routes and times are fully customizable.
  • Track your weight and compare against run times.
  • Min/max/average pace and BMI values for each chart.
  • Audible markers (or vibrations) let you monitor your current progress.
  • Instant feedback on your progress and pace when you save a time.
  • Interactive charts let you easily view and change your data.
  • Works seamlessly with your music.
  • Fail safe timing means that if you close the app or take a phone call Run Chart will continue timing.

  • Start listening to you favorite music playlist.
  • Start Run Chart and click the the big run button.
    You can pause run chart at anytime, continue and choose when to save your final time.
  • Finally assign your run to a know route or create a new one.
    During your warm down check out your chart and monitor your progress against your target times.

  • Add multiple target times and track your progress towards reaching your goal.
  • Manage route information including exercise type, distance, units and description.
  • Plot two routes (and/or weight chart) on the same chart, (now there's no need to combine Run Chart with weightBot to see how your weight loss/gain effects your run times).
  • Set customizable split times with audible or vibrating alerts.
  • This app does not require GPS, iPod touch users can also use this app. (and your batteries are going to last a whole lot longer)
  • The app can be closed at any time during the run to further increase battery life.
    (* note split time bells and vibration will not be heard if the app is closed, the stopwatch however will continue to run. You can, however, lock the device and still get split notifications)
  • A red "1" is displayed over the app icon to remind you that the stopwatch is currently active.
  • No password or login required.
  • All data is stored on the device and can be exported via email and copied and pasted into Numbers or Excel for analysis.
  • Fully interactive chart system with zooming and panning, editable data points and options to add new data via the chart interface.
NOTE:   You can use google maps to calculate route distances


  "Great training aid" - Dt05h (UK)
Having an original iPhone this app does exactly what I need to accompany my running. I can now properly keep a record of the times I am running, with prompts whilst I am listening to music! Then once I have finished I can check my progress against previous runs!
  "Outstanding..." - Scuba2002 (UK)
Been looking for an app to help my running. This one is so slick and polished. Easy to use and understand, the stopwatch display with visual and audio prompts for split times is invaluable if like me you listen to music when you run. Great app and worth it's tiny price, would have given it 6 stars if I could.
  "Solid program lives up to its word." - Warm_Apple_Pie (US)
The program accomplishes everything it sets out to do. Its charts are pretty and informative and tracks time progress on select routes you have. Provided you know how long your routes are, you will be able to track your times.
  "Well worth a run" - LaughingBird (AUS)
A great little app. Straightforward concept, well executed, and not bloated up with unnecessary stuff. Visually attractive and uncluttered. Pretty intuitive, but there is a good video on their website, just to make sure you've got it all. As a way of timing your runs and charting the data, this is super easy to use and does everything I would want. The newly added feature to input and chart your weight is a great addition, and with the latest little changes to improve its ease of use (also demonstrating the developer's fast response to feedback), I've upgraded my review assessment to five stars. Take it for a run. You'll like it!


iPhone and iPod Touch

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